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Individual Counseling - Expanding Lives

coupleWorking together for relationship growth takes courage and I support your effort to seek loving solutions. I truly enjoy working as a catalyst to help transform relationships. By working with each person in a relationship or family as an individual first, each person is heard and attended to in a way that meets their own needs for recognition and growth as we explore where your lives and personal desires converge. There’re no favorites here. Couples and families can move past wounds and obstacles that have shut down the flow of love and good feelings. You can rediscover yourselves, each other, and intimacy in the context of mutually loving support.

“Both of us experienced individual breakthrough days, and then moved through the couples' breakthrough process. The results have been quite impressive: we are both more aware of each other and ourselves. Most remarkably, we no longer have knee-jerk reactions to old negative emotional triggers. Dr. Cheri’s Breakthrough Program enhanced our communication with each other and enabled us to pre-plan “happy endings” to upcoming situations that, in the past, would have been a negative experience for both of us. Both of us are truly grateful to Dr. Cheri for helping us recreate our relationship...in meaningful and harmonious ways.” CJ […Read more results…]

Crisis Intervention
Are you fed up and almost ready to walk out? When an explosive issue threatens to tear you apart there’s a temptation to simply give up. Before saying, “I’m done,” first give it another try within a loving therapeutic context. You can rediscover the mutually supportive relationship you long for. You can heal, revive, and embrace a new level. My signature BreakThrough™ program for couples and families helps you uncover destructive patterns, heal from emotional wounds, and open your heart to see each other anew. Couples can heal from even the deepest wounds and revive the fun, friendship and intimacy in their relationship. For everyone, I foster mutual communication and understanding that support both independence and interdependence. My short-term programs diffuse crisis to build a pathway of togetherness. 
Nagging Problems
relationship frustrationAre destructive relationship patterns becoming all-too-familiar and seemingly insurmountable? Do you try to “talk it out” only to get nowhere? Or worse, do tensions increase? Do you crave relief?  do you wonder whether the relationship is worth saving? Help is not just a good thing, its always the best thing. Dedicating the focus and time to reach and sustain your relationship breakthrough delivers immeasurable rewards for each partner, individually and for every member of your family. My couples and family programs are designed to achieve lasting, joyful solutions. You’ll learn to honor yourself and encourage one another. You’ll discover how to release issues before they arise, as well as support one another during the process. You’ll identify limiting beliefs and implement new, effortless methods for interacting that allow you to keep growing, well beyond your coaching program. This program is lively, loving, and liberating. You’ll love what it does for each of you!
Longer-term Support

After a BreakThrough program, would you still like to know there’s somewhere to turn? My longer-term counseling and coaching programs offer ways to check-in and feel secure as all of your relationships evolve. We can create as-desired sessions, one-on-ones, coaching intensives, or other structures that fit your life-style. As you are committed to enhancing the quality of your relationships, I am equally committed to helping you keep them strong, open, loving, and alive!

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About Dr. Cheryl Rainey

CHERYL A. RAINEY, PH.D., is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in solution-oriented paths to natural, dynamic, experiential healing and transformation. Dr. Cheri is also an international speaker and leadership coach in the field of creative business … [more]

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