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What Clients Say about Individual Cousneling

Individual Results“I’m a ‘show me’ kind of guy and research-based care is obviously important to me. Dr. Cheri, your evidence-based approach, combining EMDR Therapy and the Harrison Assessment, is without a doubt cutting edge. My limiting beliefs about money are gone and, now one month later, I and my family, are already reaping the tangible financial benefits. Thank you again.” — BE, Physician, Birmingham, Alabama

“The breakthrough program I had with Dr. Cheri had a strong positive impact on how I see and live life. Dr. Cheri has a gift for eliciting the best qualities in people by enabling them to be aware at a deep level of who they are.” CM, Texas, IBM Executive

“Dr. Cheri empowers people by dissolving excuses. She illuminates the fact that…(all) things are within our power no matter what our external situation is. She requires work and promises a reward; she suggests stillness and hints at the freedom that follows. There are no excuses, no reasons for limitations, because our lives are what we make of them. She speaks of dreams and offers the knowledge to make them come true.” — LD, Tallahassee, FL

“Dr. Cheri has taught me to defuse my anger… I came to her mad at the world and myself. Through our work together I built an awareness of my triggers, and found an ability to trace my rage responses to the people and events that caused them. I learned that to forgive the people who hurt me gave me the ability to move on, to live the story of my choosing. Dr. Cheri taught me to trust myself. The answers I sought lay inside of me. When we hit on something that was fuzzy in my mind, she helped me to follow my instincts and pay attention to the fleeting thoughts that would eventually lead me to the truth. Dr. Cheri put everything in perspective. All of the abuse, neglect, and heartache is now tied up in a package that is never too small to matter or too big to handle.” — LB, Crawfordville, FL

“(Working with) Dr. Cheri revealed to me that everything we experience is useful in learning life’s lessons and getting the life we want nothing is ever wasted. Second is the reminder that we are okay and naturally want to feel good. Third, is letting in the things we want in our lives — love, joy and freedom — because they are already present within us, we just can allow them rather than work for them. And, fourth, using our feeling-knowing can bring the love and life that we want into to our experience. This is so often under-valued, but paying attention to our feelings and choosing the feeling we want brings them into focus, and into our lives and relationships.” CS, Chicago, IL


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About Dr. Cheryl Rainey

CHERYL A. RAINEY, PH.D., is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in solution-oriented paths to natural, dynamic, experiential healing and transformation. Dr. Cheri is also an international speaker and leadership coach in the field of creative business … [more]

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