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Individual Counseling - Expanding Lives

I am excited that you are looking into the process of personal expansion. This is work that I love and am eager to share with you. My compassionate, natural, and holistic approach supports my belief in your capacity to triumph over obstacles to become who you really want to be. My role is to act as a catalyst for your resourceful, inspired solutions—solutions just waiting to be discovered.

Individual Counseling with Dr. Cheri“Through working with Dr. Cheri I experienced what I call a “trinity of transformations” that gave me the ability to access positive, active, appreciative energy at will; the ability to see and appreciate the greatness in every person with whom I deal; and the ability to change the landscape of my emotions from rocky and arid to lush and loving, exciting and enervating.”
—SBT, New York, International Interiors Designer
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I work with a variety of people seeking solutions and a pathway to a fuller expression of themselves. Whether you seek short term crisis intervention and relief, a brief exploration of troubling issues, or a longer term program of transformation, I help you focus on your desires, create your intention, and achieve fast, measurable results that you will recognize immediately.

Crisis Intervention
Are you currently feeling overwhelmed by a critical problem? Is this issue harming your relationships, work, or family? Is it so severe that you feel there is no way out? As hard as your issue may feel, please know that relief is possible. In the heart of even the toughest crisis, the solution is at hand. Healing is within you. More than that, you can grow from this problem and open yourself to the life and relationships you most desire. You can not only heal, but prosper again! My signature BreakThrough™ program is specifically designed to uncover the root of problems, release the pain and blockages created by them, and allow you to open your heart, mind, body and whole person to the greatness of who you really are. In crisis situations, my immediate short-term programs will help you feel safe, nurtured, and ready to seek solutions.
Nagging Problems
Individual counseling with Dr. CheriDo you find yourself struggling with the same issues again and again? Are you ready to put the past behind you and achieve a lasting breakthrough that you can really see and feel?  I invite you to take time to nurture yourself through my medium-length BreakThrough program. In this program you will find a consistent, loving respite from your daily demands as we focus on the obstacles that have been holding you back while setting an intention for dynamic personal growth. Together, we’ll uncover the real cause of your blockages, allowing you to put them behind you for good and move into the life you most want to live. You will feel relief, identify obstacles, discover solutions, and embrace new possibilities with heartfelt openness. You will live the greatness of you, WHO was within you all along!
Longer-term Support
After one of my BreakThrough programs, would you still like a “home-base” to return to, as you explore your rediscovered self in familiar settings? Do you need a little support and a sounding board as you try your wings in familiar relationships, work, or new endeavors? My longer-term counseling and coaching offers ways to check-in and feel secure as you move through life with your new aliveness. Not everyone will want this support, but for those who do, I am here.
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About Dr. Cheryl Rainey

CHERYL A. RAINEY, PH.D., is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in solution-oriented paths to natural, dynamic, experiential healing and transformation. Dr. Cheri is also an international speaker and leadership coach in the field of creative business … [more]

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