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Dr. Cheryl A. Rainey

CHERYL A. RAINEY, PH.D. is a licensed psychotherapist and Certified EMDR Therapist specializing in solution-oriented paths to natural, dynamic, experiential healing and transformation. Dr. Cheri is also an international consultant, speaker, and leadership coach in the field of creative business development.

She's the author of many articles in business publications, and the popular book, How to Hire and Keep a Winning Team. Regularly researching topics of personal expansion and development, Dr. Cheri writes an inspiring e-newsletter designed to uplift, encourage, and prompt continuing growth and self-realization in her subscribers.

Cheryl and Russell RaineyRainey holds a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Florida State University and an MBA from Emory University. From years of experience as owner of an Atlanta-based international consulting firm, Vice President of a California-based international financial investment banking firm, Administrator of an Idaho-based international personal transformation company, and her doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy, she created her unique perspective on well-being.

Dr. Rainey developed innovative techniques for leadership, team development, powerful business growth, and personal transformation. By merging the business concepts of intention, goal setting, and measurable outcomes, with deeply reflective personal and family therapy, evidenced-based EMDR Therapy, HeartMath research, and the Harrison Assessments, she created InnrSight Technology™.  From this technology, she designed unique breakthrough programs that deliver rapid, meaningful, and lasting results.

By her clients and fans, who recognize her deft style and unique willingness to go deep, Dr. Cheri is called the “BreakThrough Catalyst”. She takes on even the toughest cases with a heartfelt belief that the potential for healing, change, and positive outcomes is natural and exists in every client — without exception.

Dr. Cheri credits her own life experience as the force that spurred her to new levels of achievement. When she felt like her life was coming “unglued”, she realized she needed to do just that, “come unglued” from the self-limiting beliefs that created the emotional pain and distress. Now, she spends her time helping others get “unstuck” and live their ultimate passions and potential to the fullest.

When she's not working with clients or traveling throughout the world for speaking engagements and leadership coaching sessions, Cheri enjoys dental mission trips, with her husband, Russell Rainey, DMD and life in the company of her five granddaughters.

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Media Room
Here you will find clips and links to Dr. Cheri's media appearances.

Tallahassee Talks with Brien Sorne


Tallahassee Talks with Brien Sorne ESPN Radio, Airdate March 5, 2011. (28:50 run time)

The Good News Show, WTXL - Tallahassee. December 23, 2010. (3:16 run time)
Dr. Cheri was interviewed for a segment on coping with the holidays.

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